Through real-world immersion in entrepreneurship and science, SEE makes all studies – including STEM and language arts – relevant and exciting to students during the pivotal elementary and middle school years. By solving real-world problems through science and teamwork, SEE supercharges student interest in problem solving and science & entrepreneurship, and widens their view of their own future.

We’ve been so busy helping students build products and startups, that we haven’t had time to finish our own web site. But this temporary site will give you a strong feeling for the power of the SEE program, and how you might get involved. And whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, or mentor, we welcome your questions and suggestions.

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Students across the country struggle to find relevance in their studies, particularly science. And teachers don’t have the tools or resources to let students discover first-hand how their core studies can combine and contribute to a greater passion for learning, and incredible new life opportunities.

SEE exposes young students to a myriad of possible career paths, from product design, engineering, and manufacturing to marketing and entrepreneurship. Through integrated in person and virtual mentoring, SEE creates meaningful partnerships with community business leaders and university students, and positive role-modeling for young students from two generations of mentors. At the same time, schools elevate their visibility within the community and create a vital relationship with community leaders.

SEE Grade Levels:

There are currently four SEE grade levels. Within each, students experience first-hand the possibilities (and constructive failures) that come with turning ideas and core studies into products and businesses. SEE is designed to be taught alongside a school’s existing curriculum, and has been developed to establish and empower teachers as the primary instructional leaders for their grade, with integration of professional and university mentors at key inflection points. SEE staff works with teachers at key design and manufacturing points during the program, ensuring a smooth process while training teachers in the latest technologies. The capsules to the right hardly scrape the surface of the SEE experience, so please drop a note if you’d like more information. SEE grade levels can be implemented a la carte, or as part of a laddered grade-by-grade program. SEE is aligned with Common Core and NGSS standards.


Approximately 15 sessions of 45 minutes each. Students get hands-on education on the foundational concept of how to turn their ideas into a product, including experiential lessons about problem solving, basic material sciences, prototyping and 3D printing.


Approximately 15 sessions of 45 minutes each. Students learn how a prototype turns into a mass-market product, learning and experiencing mass manufacturing concepts and techniques, plastic injection molding, and more.


Approximately 25 sessions, flexibly designed, with most lasting 45 minutes. Students customize an existing product and bring it to market, becoming the youngest inventors and entrepreneurs on their block–and getting exposure and experience in design process, CAD, laser-cutting, investor/entrepreneur basics, finance, presentation, and sales and marketing.


Approximately 25 sessions, flexibly designed, with most lasting 45 minutes. Students work in teams to conceive, design and create a real startup around their original invention. This is the real deal, experiential and focused on problem-solving, constructive failure, and collaborative R&D.


SEE is fortunate to have outstanding supporting partners and advisors to assist us during our pilot and into the future. These include:

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Visit our Tumblr for more stories and photos of our programs in action. We look forward to hearing from you as we continue our rollout of SEE.

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